Concealing Evidences of the Structural Tamil Genocide. Since 1989-Until 1993


Concealing Evidences of the Structural Tamil Genocide

Genocide in Sri Lanka Ranasinga Premadasa  Since 1989-Until 1993

He was also hostile to Tamils as J.R.Jayawardana. In his ruling period he was the trigger of killing Tamil civilians in North and East by Indian army. At the same time he settled Sinhala colonies in the Tamil areas with the Sinhala Special Forces in the North and East. Tamils were made as refuges from their native lands Many Tamils were kidnapped and murdered. Hundreds of innocent Tamil people were killed Some massacres done in his ruling period

1989 Valvettiturai massacre happened on 2nd and 3rd of August 1989 at a small coastal town called Valvettiturai, in Jaffna peninsula, in Sri Lanka where approximately 64 minority Tamil civilians were killed by the soldiers belonging to the Indian Peace Keeping Force.

On the 02.08.1989, the Indian military from Oorikkadu camp, and Polika’ndi camp moved towards the residential parts of Valvai. Brgdr Sankar Prasath was leading the Indian forces. With him were Capt Menan and Capt. Kapoor.

Due to the curfew everyone was inside their homes. The military surrounded the town. The Indian military went to people’s homes and shot and cut many civilians to death. Some young men were taken to the junction and were shot and killed.

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka Army (SLA) has demolished the memorial monument erected by Valveddiththu’rai (Valavai/VVT) people near Theeruvil crematorium grounds for their kith and kin massacred by occupying Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) in August 1989.

Saththurukkondan massacre

Netpitty massacre

Vatharumunai massacre

Oddusuddan massacre

Pullumalai massacre

Air attack in Puthhtukkudiyiruppu Market

Uruthhtirapuram massacre

Vankalai massacre

Vaddakachchi massacre

Vanthaarumuulai massacre

Kinniyadi massacre

Shell Attack in Vattaappalai amman temple

Attack in Thellipallai temple

Eastern university massacre 23/05/1990— 226 Tamil civilians, departing from their places and staying at Eastern university, were killed by srilankan army

Sammanthurai massacre 10/06/1990– 37 Tamil civilians of Sammanthurai region were killed by srilnkan army

Veeramunai massacre 20/06/1990 and 15/08/1990— 233 Tamil civilians were killed by srilankan arm force

Siththandi massacre 20/07/1990 , 27/07/1990 — Srilankan army killed 137 Tamil civilians.

Genocide in Ceylon (Ranasinga Premadasa(1989-1993) Paranthan market massacre 24/07/1990—- 15 Tamil civilians who lived in Paranthan were killed by srilankan arm force

Poththuvil massacre 30/07/1990– 125 Tamil civilians were killed by srilankan arm forces in the police station

Thiraykeeni massacre 06/08/1990—Srilankan army and Sinhala Special Forces killed above 90 Tamil civilians, who lived in Thiraykeni village. One woman was thrown in fire after tortured by sexual harassment.

Kalmunai massacre 11/08/1990– 62 Tamil civilians were killed by srilankan arm forces and singala special forces in the Kalmunai army camp.may women were killed after tortured by sexual harassment

Thurainiilaavanai massacre 12/06/1990— 60 Tamil civilians were killed in many places by srilankan army

Eeraavuur Hospital massacre 12/08/1990—10 innocent Tamil civilians were killed in the hospital by Srilankan arm forces

Koraveli massacre 14/08/1990– 15 tamil civilians were killed in many places by srilankan arm forces

Senakan massacre 26/08/1990– 4 tamil civilians were killed by srilankan arm forces

Nelliyadi massacre 29/08/1990— 16 Tamil civilians were killed at Nelliyadi market by srilankan arm forces

Saththurukkondan massacres 09/09/1990—Srilankan arm forces in many places killed 205 Tamil civilians. All of these civilians, men and women were naked and raped before killed them. Some women were raped and killed 3 Genocide in Ceylon (Ranasinga Premadasa(1989-1993)

Natpittimunai massacre 10/09/1990 –23 Tamil civilians were killed by srilankan arm forces and singala home guards

Vantharumulai massacre 05/09/1990& 23/09/1990— 174 Tamil civilians, including women and children were killed after cruel torture by srilankan arm forces

Oddusuddan massacre 27/11/1990– In many places where Tamils live srilankan air fore did many air attack. In these bomber attacks 12 Tamil civilians were killed.

Puthukkudiyiruppu junction massacre 30/01/1991— 28 Tamil civilians were killed on Air attack of srilankan air force. In that attack, one pregnant woman was crippled, when she jumped into the bunker to save her life.

Uruththirapuram massacre 17/02/1991– 9 tamil civilians were killed by srilankan air attack in a Funeral procession

Vankalai massacre 17/02/1991—5 Tamil civilians were killed in Vankalai Thalladi army camp.

Vaddakachchi massacre 28/02/1991—09 tamil civilians were killed by srilankan air attack

Vantharumulai massacre 09/06/1991—10 Tamil civilians were killed srilankan arm forces while going on the road

Kokkadosolai Massacre 12/06/1991- Above 220 Tamil civilians were killed by Srilankan Air forces. In this massacre,heads of these people were cut and were plucked their eyes. One mother was killed while she was feeding her child. One child was hit on wall and killed.

Kinniyadi massacre 12/07/1991–13 innocent tamil civilians were killed by srilankan army. 4 Genocide in Ceylon (Ranasinga Premadasa(1989-1993)

Vattraapalai massacre 18/05/1992—14 tamil civilians were killed on Pongal festival by Srilankan air attack

Tellipalai temple massacre 30/05/1992–10 tamil civilians were killed on Srilankan air attack.

Maiyilanthanai massacre 09/08/1992—50 innocent tamil civilians were killed by srilankan arm forces in many places.

Kilali lagoon massacre 02/01/1993—35 tamil civilians were killed by srilnkan navy forces. 29/07/1993—srilankan sea forces killed 17 Tamil civilians All these terrible massacres were done by srilankan army that was leaded by Ransinga Premadasa. He is the only responsible person of these massacres.

Note: The massacres,here given are not full details. Wartime Environment more details of the massacres were missed. The details of massacres, on the basis of we collected are here given.

Intention: In the situation where the massacres of Tamils are being carried out, please please help to save our Tamil Nation to see these datas of the massacres that are given by us.

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