Concealing Evidences of the Structural Tamil Genocide. Since 02/05/1993 -12/11/1994


Concealing Evidences of the Structural Tamil Genocide

02/05/1993    12/11/1994  Dingiri Banda Wejetunga President

Mullaitiivu Puthukkudiyiruppu Maattalan massacre 18/09/1993—20 Tamil civilians were killed by Srilankan Army in Matalan on opening ceremony of ‘Assemble Hall of People’(Samuthaaya kuudam)

Chavakachcheri Sangaththanai Massacre 28/08/1993– 30 Innocent Tamil civilians, who covered down in bunker were brutally killed by air attack of Srilankan air force

Kokkuvil Temple massacre 20/09/1993—3 Tamil civilians were killed by the air attack of srilankan airforce

Kurunagar Church massacre 13/11/1993— 13 innocent tamil civilians were killed by attack of Srilankan air force

Chunndikullam massacre 18/02/1994—10 tamil civilians were killed in the Chundikulam sea attack by Srilankan air force Dingiri Banda wejetunga,who was the president of Srilanka between 02/05/1993 to 12/11/1994, is the trigger of all massacres.

Note: The massacres,here given are not full details. Wartime Environment more details of the massacres were missed. The details of massacres, on the basis of we collected are here given.

Intention: In the situation where the massacres of Tamils are being carried out, please please help to save our Tamil Nation to see these datas of the massacres that are given by us.

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