Concealing Evidences of the Structural Tamil Genocide. Mahinda (Part-02)


Mahinda Rajapakse President. 19.11.2005 – 09.01-2015. (Part- 02)

He is a Buddhist chauvinist. He was engaged in destroying the Tamil race and converting Sri Lanka to a Sinhala island.

He had committed Tamil genocide in a manner, which was more atrocious than that committed by J.R.Jayawardane.

It was during his period that so many innocent civilians were abducted in white vans and murdered. Also, journalists were abducted and murdered. Furthermore, Tamil politicians underwent planned assassinations. Also, schoolteachers and students were abducted, raped and then murdered and buried. He commenced a war with Tamil Tigers, violating a peace deal by the Tamil Tigers. He also banned the supply of food and medicines to the Tamils’ homeland, thus bringing an economic sanction and thereby made the Tamil people suffer with famine and disease, thus committing genocide of Tamils. On top of this, by banning the supply of milk used by babies, he caused the deaths of newly born and young babies.

During the war between the S.L army and Tamil Tigers, all NGOs were sent out of the war zone, along with organisations such as the Red Cross and international news media, so that thereafter, no news could reach out anymore, and after that cluster bombs and phosphoric bombs were dropped over the Tamil people. The use of Cluster bombs, phosphoric bombs and Chemical bombs had been specifically banned internationally. Thousands of Tamil people were massacred by the use of such bombs.

Furthermore, after declaring a so called ‘safe zone ‘ for those people who were running for life as refugees, and getting them to assemble them in schools, hospitals and temples, they attacked the very same venues and buildings with motors and rocket fire and bombs and massacred all those civilians. People were murdered in thousands, including pregnant women and old people as well. On top of that many had lost their limbs and until now they are living as lame persons.

The murders and massacres committed during his time


Chenkaladi murders: took place on New year’s day in April 2007, where 5 people were murdered by the S.L army

Chilapaththurai Claymorfe attack: On 2.9.2007, 5 people including a Christian priest were killed in an attack by the S.L army.

On 29.9.2007, Father Nicholos Pillai Pakia Ranjith of Mannar district, was killed in Mullaiththeevu, by deep penetration army unit of S.L.  army ‘s clamore attack.

Rocket attack in Periyamadu: On 25.10.2017, took place in the area, where displaced persons were housed. In this attack, 15 people were killed. A scattered particle tore off a pregnant mother’s stomach and brought the baby out.

In Iraddaichchemmani, on 11.11.2007, 3 people were abducted and murdered by the S.L army.

Dharmapuram bombings: On 25.11.2007, 5 people were killed by bombings by S.L air force on Tharmapuram colony. Many civilians were injured and houses were badly damaged.

Iyankulam claymore attacks: On 27.11.2007, deep penetration unit of S.L army targeted a students’ bus and killed 11 students by clamore attack.

When S.L air force made a pre planned attack on ‘Pulikalin Kural ‘ Radio station, on 27.11.2007, 10 staff members were killed.

Details of killed Pulikalin Kural ‘  Radio station staff members and civilians.

01. Muralitharan sinthujan age 11 Student.

02. karuppaiya Priyatharshan age 20 Student.

03. Thiyagaraja Maheswaren age 27 farmer.

04. Selvaraja Sivakumaran  age 46 Business man.

05. kaneshamorthi  Shubajini age 36 Pulikalin Kural ‘ staff member.

06. Mahalingam sureshlinbiye age 36 Pulikalin Kural ‘ staff member.

07.  Tharmalingam Thavamani theevi age 62.

08. Krishnapillai tharmalingam Pulikalin Kural Radio station  Driver.

09. Aanantharasa theivanayagi age 55 house wife

10. Irashalingham pratheepan. age 21.


Details of wounded severely ‘Pulikalin Kural ‘ radio station staff members. 

01. pavanithi, age – 24

02. kuna seeli, age – 29

03. Nirmalatheevi, age – 54

04. Kavitha, age – 29.

05.thinesh kumar, age – 21

06. stella, age – 35

07. saantha bothini

08. janani, age – 33

09. Manoj, age – 04

10. Pavitha age – 06


Thadchanaamadu Claimore Attack 29/01/2008 On this day, 10 school children, who travelled on school bus were killed in a Claymore mine attack, that was triggered by the Srilankan Army Deep Penetration Unit.

22.02.2008 – Bomber attack 9 Tamil civilians were killed by Srilankan Air Force aerial bombardment of a civilian settlement at Kiraagnchi in the Poonakari division of Kilinochchi district. Many people were wounded severely.

Murikandi Claimore attack : On 23.05.2008, The Deep Penetrating Unit of Sri Lankan Government attacked a vehicle by claymore, in which several civilians travelled. 17 innocent civilians were killed on the spot and another 02 civilians were seriously injured.

Ottysuttaan in Mullaithevu attack: Including 02 kids,06 Tamil civilians were killed in the Claymore attack of Srilanka Army.

29/05/2008 On this day, 5 Tamil civilians were killed in artillery shell attack of Srilankan army. 13 people were severely injured in kolumputhurai, paasaiyur.

15/06/2008 Puthukkudiyiruppu bomber attack:04 civilians were killed on the spot when Sri Lanka Air Force bombed a civilian settlement of Internally Displaced Persons in Puthukkudiyiruppu in Mullaithththeevu district.

Batticola massacre: On 11/07.2008 ,04 Tamil civilians were killed, who were in the bus, that was targeted and was attacked by Srilankan army.

On 25.07.2008,Deputy Planning Director of Poonakari division in Kilinochchi and Kilinochchi District Development Officer Shanthalingam Vimalakumar was killed in the Claymore attack by Srilankan Army Deep Penetration division in Mankulam.

In Kilinochchi Puthumurippu area, 05 civilians were killed and 03 people were severely injured by the Srilankan army attack.

In July 2008, Victims by the Sri Lankan army’s gunfire attack

03.7.2008, an old man was in Vavuniya, Bharathipuram. One young man in the MarampaiKulam

07.07.2008 – One business man in Trincomalle

16.07.2008 – Three civilians at Vidaathaldiivu in Mannar district.

20.07.2008 – One man in Illavaalai  killed.

22.07.2008 – One young man at Urumpiray in Jaffna. One young man in Nainaathiivu 4th ward was hitted brutally and killed by Srilankan Army.

23.07.2008 – One business man was killed at Veppangkulam,in Vavuniya and The claymore Attack of Srilankan killed one man by Army Deep Penetrating unit.

25.07.2008 A student was killed by a grenade attack of the Srilankan army Deep penetrating Unit at Nedunkeni area in Vavuniya and young family man was cut throat and killed by Srilankan army at Puliyankkoodal area in Kayts.

According to the Monthly Report of the Human Rights Secretariat, 38 Tamil civilians were killed and 42 people were disappeared in the North East in July 2008

08.08.2008: A 18 month old child was killed and 10 civilians were severely injured by the Sri Lankan government air attack on Mullaithiivu Hospital . One Tamil civilian was killed in Claymore attack at Nedunkeni area in Vavuniya A 48-year-old man was killed in artillery shell attack of Srilankan army,in Vanneri. Three young men were killed near Colombo Kalani Bridge.

09.08.2008 Two people, including the teacher were killed in Kibir air attack in Pudukkudiyiruppu in Mullaithiivu district.

10.08.2008 A young man was shot dead near Kaaththaankudi Kalmunai Street Market in Batticaloa area.

11.08.2008 A young man was killed in the artillery shell attack, by Srilankan army at Kumulamunai in Mullaithiivu district. A business man in Puttalam and a family man in Trincomalle were killed by Srilankan army.

The Gunfire victims of the intelligence group of Sri Lankan Army in 2008.

September 04.09.2008 The Chairman of the Pampaimadu farmers society was shot dead. One Tamil civilian was killed in the Claymore attack by Srilankan army at Kurisuddankulam area in Vavuniya.

05.09.2008 One family man was killed Udapu,Andimunai area in Puttalam. 5 young people were killed at Thalikulam area in Vavuniya.

06.09.2008 A woman was killed in her house at Ayyanar temple in Mirusuvil in Thenmaratchchi Area.

08.09.2008 A Mother and her son were killed in a house at Niiravadi area in Jaffna.

09.09.2008 A student was killed at Akkaraipattu in Amparai district.

10.09.2008 One young man was killed at Vadamarachchi East area and one young woman was killed at Thenmaradchi area in Jaffna.

20.09.2008 A young man was killed at Kottahena in Colombo.

21.09.2008 A young man was killed at Ariyalai area in Jaffna One Priest of Trincomalee Koneswaran temple was killed.

22.09.2008 Two women were killed at Vairava Puliyankulam in Vavuniya district. Two young men one woman were killed in Poththuvil.

23.09.2008 Young business man was killed in Thenmaratchchi A young man was killed in Colombo.

Paranthan Attack: On 10.10.2008 Sri Lankan Air Force bombers attacked at Paranthan Kumarapuram in that attack,two civilians were killed and 13 people including 02 children were seriously injured

Vaddamadu Massacre: On 16.10.2008, four farmers were killed in an attack on Vaddamudu pastureland in Amparai district. At the same year more than 50 Tamil civilians were killed in July, August and September by an attack of Sinhala army and Sri Lanka Special Task Force (STF) in various places

Kalmunai massacre02.11.2008 –On that day 5 civilians were killed by the attack of Srilankan army on shops in Kalmunai area.

03 civilians including father and son were killed and 02 civilians were severely injured in the Claymore attack at Sannashi, Paranthan area in Vanni district , by Srilankan Army Deep Penetration division,

Batticalo Massacre 26.11.2008.On that day and in October, November and December in the same year, more than 80 Tamil civilians were killed in the attack, carried out by the Srilankan army, unidentified gunmen and Sinhala thugs in various parts of Batticaloa District

On 29.11.2008, including a 5 year old boy, 05 Tamil civilians were killed and 21 people were severely injured in the cluster bomb attack carried out by Srilankan Air Force at Kallaru area in Kilinochchi district

On 17.12.2008, when Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets bombed on refugee settlements at Vattakachchi area in Kilinochchi district, 17 people, including a 5-month-old baby were killed and 9 civilians were severely injured.

Vanni massacre: On 31.12.2008  ,05 people were killed in the attack by Srilankan Air Force targeting   in  Vanni area.

Millions of properties that belonged to Tamils were destroyed as well as swindled by him. During the final war in 2009, having declared that general amnesty will be given once the arms had been laid down, he blindfolded and tied the hands of those who so surrendered, without any distinction between man and women, undressed them all, and massacred them. On top of that, including Rev. Father Francis Joseph, those who surrendered with him, his family members and hundreds of people including children and women, who were so handed over by parents, have never been released or let known.

He murdered over 146,000 innocent civilians during the final war at Mullivaikkal. It was Hitler who had the notoriety as a person who committed atrocities and massacres in the world. But in the 21st century, Mahinda Rajapakse committed the biggest genocide. He is still agitating to make Sri Lanka a Sinhala Buddhist state until this day.

Note: The massacres,here given are not full details. Wartime Environment more details of the massacres were missed. The details of massacres, on the basis of we collected are here given.

Intention: In the situation where the massacres of Tamils are being carried out, please please help to save our Tamil Nation to see these data s of the massacres that are given by us.

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