Concealing Evidences of the Structural Tamil Genocide. Since 1978 – 1989


Concealing Evidences of the Structural Tamil Genocide

Mr.Junius Richard Jayawardane  J.R.Jayawardane

President. Since 1978 – Until 1989

He was a shrewd diplomatic Sinhala Buddhist chauvinist and was considered as an enemy of the Tamil race. In 1980, more than 25 Tamils were murdered during the massacre organised by him in Periyapallumalai.

Education has been the backbone of the Tamil culture. The Jaffna library, which not only supported education, but was also considered as the second largest in Asia, was burnt down.

Over 100,000 books and documents were burnt to ashes after deliberate planning.which took place on the night of 01.06.1981, has been an important event in the catalogue of racial attacks in Sri Lanka.

At the time of the destruction, which was orchestrated by the Sri Lankan government, the library had a large number of books (including about 97,000 rare publications). The culprits behind this crime had been many leading Sinhala politicians, including a cabinet minister, Gamini Dissanayake.

The scars left behind by this sad episode, also acted as the fertilizers of growing Tamil nationalism. Also, during this period, murders were commonplace in areas wherever Tamils lived.

Today we still commemorate the anniversary of 23.7.1983 as ‘Black July ‘ remembering the murdered Tamil civilians (between 400 and 3000). It was during this time that some had been stripped and tortured before been murdere

Also, it was during 23.7.1983, that a Sinhala mob, in collaboration with the SL army, went from house to house, using the voters’ list and massacred over 3000 Tamil civilians.

Massacre in Welikade prison

During 25.7.1983 and 28.7.1983, 35 Tamil prisoners and 28 Tamil prisoners were stabbed and slashed by Sinhala prisoners, who were backed by the SL government.

During Thirunelveli massacre, which took place on July 24 & 25, the SL Air Force murdered over 51 Tamil civilians.

During 1983, he caused the destruction of about 5000 Tamils, being the first time for such a large-scale massacre. 25,000 civilians were injured and property, worth millions, was destroyed. Tamils who lived in the South were chased away to the North.

In Saambal Thoddam, 5 Tamils were murdered in the jungle in 1984.

On 8.1.1984, over 19 innocent civilian Tamils were murdered by SL mob, abated by the SL government in Chunnakam Police Station.

SL army murdered 9 Tamils in places such as the Chunnakam market and bus stand.

On September 1984, the SL army and volunteer forces in Madawachi/Rambawa orchestrated a train massacre, which murdered 15 civilians.

Thikkam massacre on 16.9.1984, by the SL Police, claimed the lives of 16 Tamil civilians.

On 1.12.1984, SL Army murdered 32 Tamil civilians in Odia malai village.

Kumulamunai murders – On 2.12.1984, SL army murdered 6 Tamil civilians.

Chettikkulam mass murders – On 2.12.1984, in Chettikkulam (which is in a boundary of Vavuniya), during curfew period, 52 people were rounded up and taken in a vehicle for ‘investigation’ and were slaughtered using knives.

Mannar massacre on 4.12.1984: between 107 and 150 Tamils, including farmers and clergymen, were murdered by the SL army.

Kokkilai/Kokkuthoduvai massacre: performed by the SL army on 15.12.1984, whereby 131 Tamil civilians were murdered.

Kilivetti rape and murder – 10 Tamil women were raped and murdered by the SL army on 1.1.1985

Mullivalai massacre – 17 Tamil civilians, who lived in the village, were murdered on 16.1.1985 by the SL army.

Vaddakkandal massacre took place in schools and farms, where 52 (students and farmers) were murdered in a horrible manner by the SL army.

Puthukkudiiruppu massacre was on 21.4.1985, where the SL army murdered 30 innocent civilians.

Vallai massacre – Out of the various illegal and unlawful executions committed by the SL army, over 70 of them were committed in Vallai on 10.5.1985.

The details of the massacres in various areas in Trincomalee district are as follows: May 3 1985 – 50 people; 23rd  – 8 people; 24th – 9 people; and on 13.6.1985, a further 13 were murdered. SL army along with the Volunteer force committed all of these crimes.

Attack at Valvettithurai  (VVT) / Nelliadi – On 12.5.1985, about 70 Tamil civilians were rounded up by the SL army and were ordered to enter the Valvai library. Then the library was detonated so that all the people perished.

Delft – Kumuthini launch terror – On 15.5.1985, passengers travelling in the launch

‘Kumuthini‘, between Delft and Pungudu Theevu, were intercepted and waylaid by SL Navy. According to eye witnesses, 6 SL Navy personnel mounted the launch, called the passengers one by one, got their names, addresses and destinations etc., Then slaughtered them using knives and swords. 36 persons, including women and children, were murdered in cold blood, while some were rescued with severe injuries.

Kilivetti massacre – Innocent civilians were murdered by SL army in June 1985 as follows: 13 on 2nd; 53 on 3rd ; and 150 on 14th.

Saambal island massacre took place continuously from 4.8.1985 to 9.8.1985, when altogether SL army massacred a total of 383 Tamil civilians.

Thiriyai massacre was pertaining to 10 refugees, who, after being displaced inland, were all murdered on 14.8.1985.

Vayaloor massacre was performed by SL army in jungle areas on 24.8.1985, where 50 Tamil civilians were murdered. One was shot through his mouth.

Nilaveli massacre took place in Nialveli refugee camp, where SL army and volunteer forces killed 30 people.

Piramanthanaru murders-On 2.10.1985, 11 Tamil civilians were murdered by the SL army. Out of those a few were tortured by hanging them upside down and being beaten to death. A few others were water boarded to death.

On 9.11.1985, 6 Tamils were murdered in Kanthalai. During the post mortem, it was revealed that 2 women were raped before they were murdered.

In Thampalakamam, the following murders were recorded on the mentioned dates: 9 on 12.11.1985; 8 on26.11.1985, 6 0n 25.5.1985; 4 on 30.5.1986 and 34 on 20.6.1986. They were all murdered by SL air force and SL army. Some were burnt inside shops.

Muthoor beach disaster-During 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th of December 1985, the SL triple forces (army, navy & air force), murdered over 30 innocent civilians, in various places.

On 6.1.1986, 9 Tamil civilians were murdered inside Vankalai church by SL army.

12 civilians were murdered at Kilinotchi railway station by SL army, who were hiding and attacking them.

Udumpankulam massacre- on 19.2.1986, 130 Tamil civilians were murdered by SL army on farmland. Their bodies were then burnt using the hay in the farm.

On 19 and 20.3.1986, SL air force and army along with some Sinhala prisoners, murdered 20 Tamils in Eetimuritchan.

On 4.5.1986, 50 Tamil civilians were murdered in a train by SL air force and volunteer forces. 10 bodies were recovered from the remains of the burnt train.

SL army entered a house in Periyapullimalai, on 8.5.1986, murdering 18 Tamil civilians. Many babies were trampled to death by the army’s boots.

On 10.6.1986, 33 Tamil fishermen were ruthlessly murdered, in the Mandaitheevu Ocean, by SL navy, who had pulled out the eyes of a few and tore the stomachs of a few more.

On 12.6.1986, 20 Tamils were murdered in Ceruvil by the SL army, while they were engaged with their prayers.

On 28.6.1986, at Paranthan, SL army and air force personnel murdered 7 farmers. Their bodies were thrown into a drainage canal

On 15.7.1986, 48 Tamils were murdered in Peruvali refugee camp by the SL army and volunteer force. Their bodies were dumped in drains. Their faces were sprinkled with acid , so as to avoid any identification .

On 17.7.1986, at the bus station in Thanduvan, SL army and air force murdered 17 Tamil civilians.

On 18.7.1986, 14 Tamils were murdered by SL army in various locations of Muthur Manalchenai

In Adampan, on 12.10.1986, 20 Tamil civilians were murdered by a combination of all 3 SL forces.

In a ploughing field at Periyapandivirichchan, on 15.10.1986, 2 Tamils were murdered. Also 1 woman was tortured by cutting off her breasts and genitals, while being murdered.

On 10.11.1986, SL army murdered altogether 24 Tamil civilians in various places.

On 28.1.1987, in a prawn farm at Kokkaddichcholai, SL Special Forces slaughtered 133 Tamils. Those aged between 14 to 40 years, were abducted and then murdered.

On 26.4.1987,in a house in Pattithidal, SL army murdered 17 Tamils, who were performing their prayers.

On 27.5.1987, in the village Thenithaddamadu, 13 Tamil civilians were murdred in their sleep, by the SL army.

On 29.5.1987, the SL army murdered 40 Tamil civilians, who sought refuge, in Aalavai Temple. It is believed that they were ordered to make a motor attack.

On 5.11.1987, 5 civilians were murdered in Moolai hospital by SL army.

Attack on Holy St.Joseph’s church.

Mass murder in the village of Kokkaddichcholai

The same J.R.Jayawardane, who had been a shrewd and experienced politician, had been successful in portraying, the legitimate armed struggle by the Tamil youth (performed in self defence) in order to safeguard themselves from the well organised systematic genocide committed by the Sinhala chauvinistic government, as a ‘terrorist attack’, to the international community. Being an experienced politician, he could easily hoodwink the Indian Prime minister Rajiv Ghandi, who was almost new to international politics. Hence he could easily convince Rajiv to agree to his suggestions. As a result, the Tamil heartlands (North and East of Sri Lanka) were occupied with the label ‘Indian Peace keeping Force (IPKF). The IPKF committed atrocious war crimes including torturing people, massacres, rapes, murders and arbitrary arrests against the Tamils. J.R Jayawardane was the root cause of this terrible destruction.

Note: The massacres,here given are not full details. Wartime Environment more details of the massacres were missed. The details of massacres, on the basis of we collected are here given.

Intention: In the situation where the massacres of Tamils are being carried out, please please help to save our Tamil Nation to see these data s of the massacres that are given by us.

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