Open Your Heart For Eelam Tamils


Liberation wars and revolutions against oppression have been going on for a long time in the history
of the globe. A similar situation has arisen for the Tamils ​​who have made the North Eastern Provinces
of Sri Lanka their native lands. Since two centuries Tamils ​​continue their journey to liberate
themselves from oppression over the course. They have a history of tens of thousands of years in Sri
Lanka. Evidece are those unearthed Archaeological remains, which are some survived and some
partially destroyed including temples to the present day. Eelam has been subjected to the worst
structured genocide by Buddhist chauvinist-minded repressive governments since the independence
of Sri Lanka from British colonial rule.

According to historical sources, the Iyakkar Nagas lived as aristocrats in Sri Lanka. Evidence of this can
be seen not only in the North Eastern Provinces but also in the South, where Sinhalese are
concentrated today. Tamil Brahmi inscriptions have also been recovered. These are all pre-Sinhala
and pre-Buddhist histories of Sri Lanka. Even after the emergence of Buddhism and the Sinhalese, the
history of the north and east is ruled by kings like the Sankiliyan, Pandaravannian. References to
Pandaravannian are recorded by the British as history of Ceylon. Pandaravanniyan is seen as the last
king of Sri Lanka. As per accepted history by the Sinhalese, Anuradhapura, which is revered by the
Sinhalese people today as a holy Buddhist city, was ruled by a Tamil king named Ellalan for 44 years.
The Sinhalese have no justification for depriving the indigenous Tamils of Sri Lanka, such as their
rights, destroying Tamils identities and committing genocide against Tamils. History has shown that
Sinhala chauvinist thinkers were carry out wage a vicious war that was completely contrary to the
teachings of the Buddha, and that the Tamils were forced to wage a thirty-year Moral combat and
then an armed combat to defend themselves. As Sinhala chauvinism disturbed the peace in the
native lands of the Tamils, such as aggression, repression, massacres and sexual assaults took place,
the Tamils fought against the repression up to Mullivaikkal.
For more than 70 years, violence and riots have been unleashed by Sinhalese gangs against Tamils in
their homeland of the North, East and other parts of Sri Lanka. Assets were looted. Tamil identities,
including the Jaffna library, were burned down. Planned Sinhala settlements were carried out on

Tamils land and Tamils were driven from their homeland and forced to live as refugees in the
diaspora. Sinhala chauvinism end with the genocide in Mullivaikkal, killing more than 146,000 people
and left thousands went missing. To this date the Sri Lankan government has not held the
international community accountable for the crimes against humanity committed by Sri Lankan
government. Even today, the Sinhala chauvinist government is turning the North and East into an
open prison and monitoring, threatening, torturing and arresting Tamils. They are now heading to
the international arena with genocidal evidence to free themselves from this oppression and demand
justice for the injustices inflicted on them. We have uploaded on this website with historical
information the evidence of Tamils demanding rights, freedom and justice in Sri Lanka. Open your
hearts for Eelam.


International Human Rights Association France

Loganathan Maruthaia (kajan)

00 33 75 80 87 08 4


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